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September 3, 2020

CDP Institute Survey Answers Questions You Never Thought to Ask

CDP Institute Survey Answers Questions You Never Thought to Ask

CDP Institute

Which is not a martech best practice: agile techniques, formal metrics, or hiring outside consultants? CDP Institute’s just-released member survey shares that and other keys to CDP success. We even reveal once and for all what’s the most important feature in a CDP. Vox populi vox dei.

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Adweek Buys Target Marketing and Publishing Executive Magazines

PR Web

Did you scratch you head last year when the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association bought NAPCO Media, publisher of Target Marketing and Publishing Executive? Now you can unscratch it, because SGIA just sold NAPCO to Adweek. Adweek itself was bought by Shamrock Capital in June, and is apparently looking to scale up its audience data.

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RichRelevance Makes Product Recommendations Without Testing First


Did you notice that today’s items all start with a question? RichRelevance has some new answers about what buyers want. They just launched “deep recommendations”, which can predict how products will sell before they’ve been offered. The company says that system yields 80% higher sales than standard recommendation engines.

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