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September 8, 2020

Salesforce Buys Mobify for Headless Storefronts

Salesforce Buys Mobify for Headless Storefronts


Not much usually happens on the Friday before Labor Day weekend, but Salesforce did let slip news that it is buying headless online storefront Mobify. It’s a nice extension of Salesforce’s existing ecommerce capabilities and another sign of increased competition as online sales take a larger share of retail pie.

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Profitero Eases Access to Ecommerce Sales Data


Sticking with retail, Profitero is creating an “open ecosystem” to simplify sharing the data it captures about product sales and traffic on 8,000 on Websites around the world. Ecosystem partners include ad agencies, publishers, and analytics platforms. It’s all about breaking down silos and who could be against that, except maybe silo insurance companies?

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dunnhumby Launches Cloud-Based Data Science Tool

Business Wire

Finally, the retail analytics gurus at dunnhimby have launched Model Lab, a Web-based data science tool on Microsoft Azure, which automates much of the tedious data preparation required to build predictive models. It’s sold through subscription, so it's an example of cloud-based systems easing access advanced technology.

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