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September 9, 2020

Segment Adds Option to Structure Raw Data Automatically

Segment Adds Option to Structure Raw Data Automatically


Segment has released a new feature, Data Lakes, that automatically converts raw data into the structured Apache Parquet format and makes the metadata accessible via the Amazon Glue Data Catalog. The tool is aimed at data scientists who would otherwise need to develop those structures for themselves. It supplements existing Segment connectors that convert data into formats for specific target systems. It’s free to current Segment clients.

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Neustar Helps Android Phone Owners Understand Who’s Calling


Neustar is teaming with Google to provide Android mobile phone users with better information about who’s calling. The hope is that people will pick up more calls when they know who’s on the other end. Android phone will display who’s calling, confirmation of their identity, brand logos, and a reason for the call.

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Taboola and Outbrain Cancel Planned Merger


The pandemic has destroyed many relationships. Its latest casualty is the Taboola-Outbrain merger, announced last October but reportedly about to be called off. Ad revenue is down and bankers are less willing to provide cash needed to support the merger process.

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