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September 11, 2020

Google Cloud Launches No-Code App Platform

Google Cloud Launches No-Code App Platform


We have an exceptional buffet of items today, Dear Reader. We’ll start with something for you no-code fans: Google has launched Business Application Platform, which combines its Apigee API management and AppSheet no-code development platform. Sadly, neither is headless, so I can’t say two headlesses are better than one.

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Astute Buys Socialbakers to Add Social Marketing


Next, a tasty acquisition: customer service platform Astute is buying social media marketing platform Socialbakers. The deal gives Astute more marketing capabilities and access to Socialbakers’ 2,500+ client brands. Yummy.

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Contextual Ads Are More Efficient than Behavioral Targeting: GumGum and Dentus Aegis Study


Our final pairing is GumGum and Dentsu Aegis, who partnered to find that contextual ads are more cost-efficient than behavior-based placements. The test was exceptionally well-designed and documented, which isn't always true for such studies.  The answer matters because many advertisers are wondering whether contextual targeting can replace behavioral targeting, which relies heavily on those soon-to-vanish third party cookies.

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