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September 15, 2020

No-code Airtable Raises $185 Million and Adds “Low-code” JavaScript Apps

No-code Airtable Raises $185 Million and Adds “Low-code” Javascript Apps


No-code app builder Airtable has raised a $185 million Series D, bringing its total to $355 million. The company also announced more automation and data management features plus “low-code” custom apps that require writing JavaScript. Make of that what you will.

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Gartner Survey Finds Marketing Ops Teams Are Vaguely Useful


Marketing operations teams are likely users of self-built solutions to make their jobs easier. This Gartner survey about marketing ops holds no surprises but, hey, it’s from Gartner so you’ll probably want to take a look.

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Medallia Buys Sense360 to Better Analyze Consumer Behavior


Experience analytics platform Medallia is paying $44 million to buy Sense360, which gathers and analyzes consumer location, transaction, and survey data. The company calls the deal a “game changer”, which may be stretching it. But a bit more consumer behavior did just come into sharper focus. Make of that what you will, too.

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