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February 27, 2017

Specialized Marketing Automation Attracts New Investments

Cordial Raises $6 Million Series A for Self-Optimizing Outbound Campaigns


B2C marketing automation is an established category but new entrants can still find a place if they offer something different.  Cordial elimnates conventional email and mobile campaigns by automatically picking the best time to contact each customer and running self-optimizing content tests to pick the best content.  It builds a unified customer database and reacts to new events in real time. The company just raised $6 million, bringing their total funding to $8 million.

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MomentFeed Raises $16.3 Million Series C for Localized Online Marketing


MomentFeed targets another niche: national brands with local outlets, such as restaurant and retail chains.  The company's system automatically customizes online marketing materials with localized information such as the street address and business hours of the nearest store.  It supports mobile search, social media, mobile advertising, and reviews. MomentFeed just raised $16.3 million in a Series C, bringing total funding to $24.5 million.

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USA TODAY NETWORK Announces Phased National Rollout for ReachLocal


ReachLocal provides individual small businesses with an all-in-one marketing system including marketing automation; search, display, and social advertising; Web site creation and search engine optimization; plus chat, social sites, and directory listings. The company was purchased by USA TODAY parent Gannet in June 2016 for $156 million. USA TODAY just announced a phased rollout of ReachLocal to its 109 local markets.

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