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September 16, 2020

CDP Amperity Launches 3.0 Edition

CDP Amperity Launches 3.0 Edition


CDP Amperity launched its third-generation product, which it calls “the first comprehensive enterprise CDP”. Competitors will likely disagree. Labels aside, the system does offer new features for data management, identity resolution, segmentation, predictive models, performance measurement, and more.

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Marketers Using More Advanced Email Personalization: Litmus Report


Down at the simpler end of the spectrum, this report from Litmus finds that email remains a workhorse channel for most marketers, and in fact has become even more important since last year. The really good news is that users have become more sophisticated, with the more now doing tests and personalizing on advanced data including past interactions (up from 27% to 40%) and purchases (from 38% to 60%).

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Pandemic Has Accelerated Marketing Innovation: Forrester Study


Here are two studies that agree the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation but disagree on how. A Forrester study for MediaMonks found that marketers have become more innovative: their new top priority is accelerating digital experience initiatives (61%) and their next phase of digital transformation will focus on virtual experiences (72%). Meanwhile, Spiceworks Ziff Davis found that IT managers have pulled back investments in advanced technology to focus on immediate needs including security, cloud migrations, and remote worker support. Could be a marketer vs IT thing.

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