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September 18, 2020

IBM and Nielsen Enable Real-Time Weather-Based Ad Targeting

IBM and Nielsen Enable Real-Time Weather-Based Ad Targeting


IBM’s The Weather Company is joining with Nielsen to offer Zip code-level advertising triggers based on local weather and Nielsen’s product sales data. The magic of artificial intelligence has let IBM develop more than 500 triggers with up to six variables per trigger. These will be available to target ads across programmatic, display, social, search, video, email, and digital out of home media.

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RevTrax Launches Behavior-Based Predictions


Predictive analytics vendor RevTrax is expanding beyond offer recommendations to add a half-dozen models for personalization choices. The new offering, Predictive Purchase Data, analyzes Web site visitor behavior in real time, predicting price sensitivity, retailer preferences, and best time to engage. Models are based on past behavior but the system doesn’t seem to track individual customers over time.

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One-Third of U.S. Consumers Are Done with In-Store Retail: The Harris Poll


Here’s a frightening tidbit: 35% of U.S. consumers told The Harris Poll that they would be happy if they never made an in-store retail purchase again. Seventy percent said they prefer zero human contact during shopping experiences. Presumably preferences will evolve after the pandemic ends but you do have to wonder how deep these scars will be.

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