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September 22, 2020

Stirista Buys Nikaza for Location-Based Result Measurement

Stirista Buys Nikaza for Location-Based Result Measurement

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There’s too much bad news in the world right now for me to add more, Dear Reader. So I’ll sneak back to last week to report that programmatic advertising platform Stirista is buying Nikaza, a location-based measurement platform. Stirista has an identity graph that lets advertisers target customers across channels. Feel better?

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One-Quarter of U.S. Device Identifiers are Invalid: BDEX Report


In less cheery news, the BDEX data exchange found that 25% of device identifiers in U.S. data markets are invalid. They blamed ad fraud as the source of most bad emails and device IDs. On the bright side, BDEX believes data brokers can use analytics to identify and remove many of the bad records.

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Verizon Report Offers Great Graphics


This Verizon report about data breaches is also inherently negative, but I’m actually including it because the report itself is so well presented. It’s worth a download to check out the exceptionally clear explanations and graphics. Take your wins where you find them, my friend.

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