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Privacy across the spectrum from luxury brands to kids' rights

Concern about privacy is increasing rapidly and consumers are being emboldened to make their voices heard. The new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, is a conversation piece - and it points to exactly why the UK is setting new terms for kids' privacy protection - and parents & kids are suing YouTube to the tune of $3B.

--Susan Raab, Editor


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Man the luxury barricades! Shout out to brands to play offense for consumers

Luxury Institute: Marketers must make privacy a top brand asset 

In a survey conducted by Transcend, 98% of 1,000 consumers agreed data privacy is important to them and will be even more critical in the next five years. 

The Luxury Institute views the management of privacy as a missed opportunity for companies - viewed more as a legal task than a marketing opportunity. They say companies must reverse that and play to win by creating “personal data pods,” so consumers can actively manage their data assets. 

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Fostering trust in the digital privacy ecosystem.

IAB Tech Lab looks to re-architect digital marketing

IAB Tech Lab’s Board this month committed to collaborate to achieve privacy-centric solutions to preserve addressable advertising as part of their Project Rearc initiative. Key principles include having device agnostic solutions that put consumers first; offering consumers predictable privacy; providing user-friendly, transparent privacy controls; and ensuring ongoing adherence to consumer privacy choices. 

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The UK has a new code of practice to protect children’s data, including for apps, toys, educational material and those that use children's data [See our article]. Intent is to have high levels of privacy built in by default.

Firms have 12 months to comply or risk huge fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office. 


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YouTube hit with $3B UK Class Action Suit Over Use of Children's Data

Claiming to be the "first of its kind" in Europe for bringing suit against a tech firm on behalf of children, this alleges YouTube's methods of targeting children constitutes “major breaches” of UK and EU privacy and data rules. Specifically, YouTube is accused of harvesting kids' data without parental consent. 

The suit has been filed on behalf of more than 5 million British children and their parents. 

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70% of Android apps have at least one dangerous permission: Pixalate Report

"Pay close attention to data collection, transmission and storage practices of app partners."


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New CDPI Slack channel -- Join us to talk about privacy and martech.

CDPI Privacy Glossary -- Newly added: cybersquatting, data portability, and nearly a dozen laws. 


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