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Privacy and gift horses

Data Privacy is a tricky business. While it may seem obvious that securing more privacy is good, it may not be worth the price or trade-off involved, per the Amazon and VPN items. So, what trade-offs should we make or take care to avoid?

--Susan Raab, Editor


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The better to see (and hear) you with

Surveillance-as-a-service: brought to you by Amazon

If you've been wanting an aerial robot for in-home security sweeps, or a camera screen to swivel at your every move, Amazon's got you covered. Over a dozen new devices and services monitor more of your home and car, and will offer you the chance to pay for the privilege. 

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New tools let developers write private applications for the web

Aleo launches privacy software toolkit in new programming language for browsers

Start-up privacy tech company, Aleo, has launched a blockchain developer kit to make writing zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) easy and scalable. The new language enables developers to "build private applications without a degree in cryptography."

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October 1: the UAE's DIFC Data Protection Law is fully in effect, having completed its transition period. This is the first comprehensive privacy law in the country and puts it on par with international standards, working toward facilitating transfer of personal data from the EU.

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Tips to manage privacy in-house

Forbes Technology Council has provided a core list to stay ahead of privacy requirements, including integrating customer data, understanding where data resides, developing documented audit trails - and, naturally, subscribing to relevant publications. 

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Exterro: Legal departments see big DSAR increase in midst of overall crisis management

A new Exterro report based on a survey of in-house lawyers, found increased workload, corporate belt-tightening concerns, and difficulty managing DSAR requests.


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Free VPNs not free or safe

VPNs, which are often employed by users to provide anonymity on the Internet and to mask internet search history, are in high demand now particularly for those who hope to maintain access to TikTok and WeChat with a looming government ban. Free VPNs promise to do that but the real price is often ad exposure and exposure of your encrypted data. 

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Privacy Software

Customer Experience Matrix review: SkyPoint Cloud combines CDP with Privacy Management

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