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October 1, 2020

Accretive Media Retargets Out-of-Home Ad Viewers on Connected TVs

Accretive Media Retargets Out-of-Home Ad Viewers on Connected TVs

Accretive Media

Remember how we decided on Monday that individually-targeted out-of-home ads are still science fiction? The line between fantasy and reality just got even thinner with news that Accretive Media can now send connected TV ads to people who saw a particular digital out-of-home ad. They don’t explain how this happens but apparently they’re tracking mobile devices to know who was near each screen.

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UPshow Raises $14 Million Series A for Interactive Digital Signage

Business Wire

Speaking of digital out-of-home, digital signage company UPshow has raised a $14 million Series A, bringing their total to $17 million. Their superpower is reprogramming existing in-venue TV screens to deliver ads and content that visitors can interact with through their mobile device.

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Most Healthcare Apps Have Major Security Flaws: Intertrust Report


Now that CDP Institute has a weekly privacy newsletter, I feel less need to publish privacy horror stories. But this Intertrust report is still worth mentioning: 85% of COVID-19 tracking apps leak private data and 71% of all healthcare apps have at least one serious vulnerability. It’s not exactly surprising, but still shouldn’t be accepted without a fuss.

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