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October 2, 2020

SAP Buys Customer Engagement Platform Emarsys

SAP Buys Customer Engagement Platform Emarsys


The news gods are in a generous mood today, Dear Reader. First we have SAP purchasing multi-channel customer interaction platform (and CDP) Emarsys. The main goal seems to be better B2C personalization, but SAP has been nosing around the CDP market for some time, so this could help in that area too.

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TransUnion Buys TruOptik for Connected Device Audiences


Meanwhile, TransUnion announced a deal to buy Tru Optik, which helps advertisers address 80 million U.S. households on connected TVs and other devices. The deal extends TransUnion’s push into identity and audience products for marketers.

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Samsung Ad Platform Leverages TV and Phone Data


Sticking with connected TVs, Samsung has launched a self-service ad buying platform, Samsung DSP, to help sell ads on its TVs and mobile devices. Just a friendly reminder that even though paid good money for your device, Samsung is still helping itself to your data. Remember: while you’re watching them, they’re watching you back.

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