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October 6, 2020

Customer Engagement Rises with Analytical Maturity: SAS Report

Customer Engagement Rises with Analytical Maturity: SAS Report


We have no actual news today, Dear Reader, so let’s look at some surveys about analytics. We’ll start with this SAS report that finds more “analytically mature” organizations show stronger customer engagement and use more data sources to do it. I’d offer specific statistics but the charts are exceptionally hard to interpret.

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Citizen Decision-Makers Move Faster: Exasol Study


Next, this report from database company Exasol finds that companies make decisions faster when more people are involved in decision-making. Counter-intuitive but I think they’re talking about letting more people make decisions, not involving more people in each decision. Data silos and lack of single customer view are low-ranked obstacles but remember the answers came from a broad spectrum of decision-makers, not just marketers.

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Data Analysts Want Business Users to Answer Their Own Questions: ThoughtSpot Survey


ThoughtSpot took a survey of data analysts, who rather glumly reported they spend too much time creating low-value reports and not enough on strategic business initiatives. They’d love to see more data-literate, AI-assisted business users who could answer their own damn questions.

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