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New legislation, increase in enforcement, and employee privacy news

California looks to increase privacy protection. The Irish DPO begins a cookie crackdown. And H&M has just been accused of violating employee privacy. So, privacy concerns intensify on numerous fronts.

--Susan Raab, Editor


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New CA law could reshape internet privacy rules

Keep an eye on CA's Prop 24

The California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act of 2020 (CPREA), also known as Prop 24, looks good for passage in November. If so, impact will extend far beyond the state. Key objectives are increasing protection of sensitive data and geolocation data - and also tripling fines on abuse of youth data. 

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Up for a differential privacy game?

NIST issues challenge with cash prizes to protect public safety PII 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has launched the Differential Privacy Temporal Map Challenge drawing on crowd sourcing to find new ways to protect data from public safety datasets (gathered to issue weather warnings, food recalls, or manage other emergency health needs).

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The Irish Data Protection Commission plans to begin enforcement this month of their guidelines on cookies compliance and consent. Key for companies to know is that they cannot rely on express consent. 

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H&M fined $41M by German DPO for employee privacy violation

Clothing retailer, H&M is accused of collecting data on the private lives of employees in Germany according to Hamburg's data protection commissioner. The personal data, which included information on family issues and religious beliefs, was recorded on a call center's network drive accessible to up to 50 managers, and reportedly used to obtain a detailed profile of the employees for potential decisions related to employment. 

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DISQO reports trust levels up

How confident are consumers that information they share will be protected? Not very, but a new survey from insights platform vendor, DISQO, indicates trust levels are up since January. Social media is least trusted with 41% and financial instituions are most at 73%.


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Zoho's IT's ManageEngine survey shows risky online behavior by remote staff

A survey of 1500 employees taken in March and June 2020 showed users, especially younger users, acting more dangerously online, visiting and returning to sites where their information was stolen or at risk.  

     -29% said they’d continue visiting a website after receiving a browser warning that it was insecure
     -36% said they’d revisit a website after a hack
     -37% said their organization does not enforce restrictions on their corporate devices

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