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October 7, 2020

Almost Half of CDP Users See Significant Sales Gain

Almost Half of CDP Users See Significant Sales Gain: Treasure Data Study

Treasure Data

Three-quarters of CDP users are satisfied with their system and nearly half (45%) credit it with significant improvement in online sales, according to this survey by Advertiser Perceptions for Treasure Data. Experience counts: users who had their CDP two or more years showed much higher satisfaction than newbies. Lots more detail on CDP data sources, applications, privacy, and such.

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Blockchain-Based Digital Coupons Move Closer To Deployment

Consumer Goods Technology

Blockchain sometimes feels like a solution in search of a problem, but it does make sense as a tool to prevent illegitimate use of digital coupons. Industry cooperative The Coupon Bureau has set out a roadmap to deploy its Universal Positive Offer File, a central database of single-use offers that can be validated in real time. It will replace a bar code-based system.

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Cooler Screens Raises $80 Million Series C for Digital Screens on Cooler Doors

PR Web

Replacing glass doors on store coolers with a screen that blocks the view of what’s inside may sound more like creating a problem than solving one, but Cooler Screens argues it lets shoppers do useful things like read product information or search for particular items. The answer isn’t clear (get it?) but investors have just bet $80 million the company is right, bringing total funding past $100 million.

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