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October 8, 2020

Marketing Leaders Disappointed with Return on Analytics

Marketing Leaders Disappointed with Return on Analytics: Gartner Report


More than half (54%) of senior marketing leaders are disappointed in the results of their analytics investment, according to this Gartner survey. It’s a complicated story with plenty of blame to go around, including poor data quality, lack of automation, leaders who reject findings they don’t like, and analysts who don’t offer clear results. Gartner doesn’t say so, but their result is part of a broad rejection of fact-based expertise in many domaints. On the bright side: half the respondents say they have a CDP in place and 79% expect to have one within three years.

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Salesforce Rebrands Einstein Analytics as Tableau CRM


Even Einstein isn’t safe in these troubled times. Salesforce has decided to rename its Einstein Analytics as Tableau CRM. To be fair, the rebranding is about positioning Tableau as Salesforce’s premier analytical product, not rejecting science. The Einstein name will still be used for some of Tableau's analytical products.

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Okta Launches No-Code Identity Automation


Many proposed replacements for third party cookies rely on Web site visitors logging in during their visits. This means marketers will have to pay more attention to companies like Okta, whose strength is the sort of identity management traditionally associated with logging in employees and other computer system users. Okta had several announcements today, including a Salesforce partnership for Work.com, new SDK for biometric-based, passwordless authentication, and no-code option to build identity management workflows. The rise of no-code also reflects the rejection of expertise.

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