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March 2, 2017

Identity Verification Takes Center Stage

NICE Uses Voice Prints to Effortlessly Authenticate Caller Identities


I wonder what’s new in identity verification? asked no marketer, ever. But maybe they’ll start as they realize tailoring customer experiences to individuals relies on knowing for certain who's on the other end.  One recent development: customer management technology vendor NICE announced a real-time voice-based authentication system that captures the voice print of each customer and can then confirm their identity just by listening.  This works whether they’re speaking with a human agent or an automated voice response system. So you can finally stop trying to remember the name of your first grade teacher..

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Dialogic Solution Enables Banks to Remotely Verify Identities


This item is a bit meta: it’s about verifying your verification. Video archiving software from Dialogic is being used to capture identity verification interactions on mobile devices. Inability to record the interactions had prevented banks from signing up customers without a face-to-face meeting. The technology may not seem very special but the option to open new accounts remotely is a big deal – and the sort of thing that consumers quickly insist you offer to earn their business..

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Jumio Reaches Milestone of 50 Million Identities Verified


If identity verification is important, then Identity-Verification-as-a-Service can’t be far behind. Sure enough, Jumio offers what it calls Netverify® Trusted Identity as a Service (TIaaS), which recently verified its 50 millionth identity. Huzzah.  Jumio uses facial recognition software to compare a user’s video image against government-issued photo ID. The person provides the ID but Jumio has features to check for tampering or forgeries. The system can confirm it’s looking at a live person rather than a photo, thereby foiling key plot points in several upcoming action films. It can also scan documents such as utility bills used to confirm a physical address. Again, what’s important here is enabling remote interactions.

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