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October 14, 2020

SAP Launches Enterprise CDP

SAP Launches Enterprise CDP


SAP has launched its long-awaited Customer Data Platform, based on identity and data management technology it acquired with Gigya in 2017. Key differentiators include integrated privacy management and connections to systems outside of marketing. General availability is set for end of November.

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Informatica Extends Cloud Data Management Features


Informatica doesn’t have a single product labeled as a CDP but it does offer all the pieces to assemble one. They’ve just announced a slew of new features across their products, including richer views into customer behaviors, AI-powered data cataloging, and data marketplace to make enterprise data more accessible. There are a couple of nods to self-service and data democratization, but we’re clearly in yes-code territory.

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California Proposes Ban on Tricks to Reduce CCPA Opt-Outs

California State Attorney General

The California Attorney General has proposed changes to CCPA regulations that explicitly ban practices intended to make opt-outs harder, including double-negative language, processes that take more clicks to opt-out than to opt-in, or burying the submit button within the text of a privacy policy. No prizes for guessing why they felt that was necessary.

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