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October 19, 2020

EU Investigators Reject IAB Europe’s Consent Framework

EU Investigators Reject IAB Europe’s Consent Framework


You may recall that the IAB Europe has developed a widely-adopted ad consent framework that lets real-time-bidding comply with GDPR. Well, oopsies – investigators at the Belgian Data Protection Authority, which is the lead regulator for this particular issue, found the framework fails to meet legal requirements. At least, we think they have: I couldn’t find the report anywhere online, maybe because it’s in Dutch or maybe because they just really like privacy.

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Nielsen Uses Tru Optik Data to Improve Addressable TV Ad Measurement


Maybe we should stop trying to save Web advertising as we knew it and find what comes next. One option, oddly enough, is an even older technology called “television”. Of course, it’s not old-school broadcast TV, but individually-addressable digital TV, where consent isn’t an issue because it’s a condition of watching. Nielsen has been testing a digital TV measurement platform since January and will now use Tru Optik’s 80 million household identity graph to improve its capabilities. Fun fact: TransUnion bought Tru Optik earlier this month.

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‘Prepared’ CMOs Twice as Likely Grow Marketing Budget: Dentsu Survey


With all these crazy changes happening, not to mention a pandemic, this seems like the right time to mention that Dentsu has found “prepared” CMOs are more likely to succeed. Agility, customer experience innovation, and expanding beyond marketing’s traditional role all distinguish this group. They’re twice as likely to expand their budget in the next year as “non-prepared” CMOs. Download to see what else they’re doing differently.

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