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October 20, 2020

Segment Adds No-Code Data Gathering and New Privacy Support

Segment Adds No-Code Data Gathering and New Privacy Support

Globe Newswire

Happy International Sloth Day, the traditional day for CDP product announcements. This year is no different. First: Segment is adding low-code ways to gather mobile app events and control downstream data activities, user-managed identity resolution rules, and new features to comply with data privacy regulations.

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Treasure Data Launches Customizable Dashboards

Treasure Data

Next is Treasure Data, which is offering prebuilt, customizable “dashboard accelerators” for customer data views, predictive models, and attribution. They’ve also added connectors for fifteen more systems, including Amazon DSP, LinkedIn, and Gigya. And there’s a new retail SDK to capture and use precise in-store location data.

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Leadspace Offers Segment Building Utility

PR Web

Finally, B2B CDP Leadspace has added a new segment building utility, which combines each client’s own data with data assembled by Leadspace. They have also enhanced data ingestion and master account creation.

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