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Global regs and China law, EU non-compliance, Amazon class-action, and BA big break on fine from ICO.

As Gartner predicts a huge jump in privacy regulation, there's a lot in flux in fines, pending law, request for privileged access, and questions about alleged violations and breaches.

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Sixty-five percent of countries expected to model GDPR within 3 years

Gartner projects six-fold jump in data privacy regs by 2023

A major headline from Gartner's recent Security & Risk Management Summit was the prediction that data privacy regulation would grow from the current 10% of countries globally to 65% by 2023. In anticipation, Gartner is advising security and risk management leaders to be proactive.

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Response to Belgian DPA

IAB Europe pushes back against Belgian DPA assessment

IAB Europe has issued a response to last week's assessment by the Belgian DPA saying they were not in compliance with the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). TCF was designed to ensure digital ad companies meet GDPR requirements.

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One to watch: China has drafted a comprehensive Data Security Law, linking data protection to national security. Speculation is it could come into effect by early next year and, if the language stays the same, it would have significant impact on international companies.

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Privacera new 4.0 offers enterprises fast access to sensitive data 

Responding to customer demand for faster on-boarding, improved data access controls, enhanced data tagging, and automated encryption and decryption. 

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Five Eyes governments, Japan and India ask tech industry for encryption backdoors

Citing the need to be able to decrypt information for national security and use in law enforcement to fight crime and protect vulnerable parts of the population; the Five Eyes Alliance -the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand along with India and Japan issued a statement appealing for embedded safeguards to access data. This follows similar appeals to the Tech Industry from Five Eyes in 2018 and 2019. 

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Amazon hit with class-action suit alleging it violated Illinois' Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA)

The company is accused of having Amazon Connect, a part of its Amazon Web Services (AWS), collect and harvest "voiceprint" data, which can identify and authenticate callers by voice. The plaintiff, who are based in Illinois, claim their telephone calls were intercepted and sounds stored without their consent. 

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In Brief:

British Airways gets big break on GDPR fine from ICOThe 2018 breach penalty has been reduced from £184M to £20M.  Read More

Mozilla and DuckDuckGo launch Global Privacy Control (GPC): Goal is to expedite CCPA "Do Not Sell" privacy requests.  Read More

Google promises not to pry into customer data: Good!  Read More

UK pubs and restaurants reportedly sell contact-tracing data to third parties: A massive violation of rights, if true.  Read More 

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