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October 21, 2020

Acquia CDP Adds Prebuilt Predictive Models and Real-Time Profile Updates

Acquia CDP Adds Prebuilt Predictive Models and Real-Time Profile Updates

Business Wire

International Sloth Day, the traditional day for CDP product announcements, was yesterday, but being late is appropriately sloth-like.  So we won’t criticize Acquia for announcing prebuilt machine learning models (slothily effortless) and real-time updates to customer profiles (not very slothish but marketers may approve anyway).

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Progress Software Expands Martech Data Connectors

Globe Newswire

Progress is a low-effort application development platform, not a CDP, but they did announce new data connectors for near-real-time access to martech platforms including HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Oracle Eloqua. Reducing effort fits the Sloth Day spirit, although building a home-grown CDP with a tool like Progress is more work than any self-respecting sloth would undertake.

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Pandemic Has Increased Demand for Data Integration Technology: Precisely Report


That’s it for product news. We do have a study from data integrity vendor Precisely, which found that 66% of customer experience leaders believe building a 360-degree customer view will be essential in the post-COVID-19 world and 60% have become more interested in data integration technologies because of the pandemic. Less surprising: 86% have changed the CX strategy, 79% see more digital interactions, and 50% says customer now expect more seamless, integrated digital experiences.

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