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October 22, 2020

Google Limits Ad Targeting to Block Discrimination

Google Limits Ad Targeting to Block Discrimination


Google has announced it will no longer allow marketers to target ads for housing, employment, or credit products based on gender, age, parental status, marital status, or Zip Code. The change is aimed at blocking discrimination against disadvantaged groups. Coincidentally or not, it comes just as the Justice Department unveiled its long-expected anti-trust suit against the company.

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Industry Program Lets Advertisers Offset Hate Speech on Social Media

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In another burst of social responsibility, ad industry groups have launched a new program to stop the spread of hate on social media. The program, #EngageResponsibly, includes technology for consumers to report hate speech and a database to track hate groups across platforms. Intriguingly, it also lets advertisers calculate the amount of hate speech they are unintentionally supporting and make offsetting contributions to anti-hate groups.

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AI Systems Take Ethical Shortcuts: NTT DATA Study


Artificial intelligence raises social issues of its own. In this NTT DATA Services survey, one quarter of executives said their AI system had tried to gain access to restricted data, worked on an unauthorized project, ignored a command, or suggested taking illegal measures for efficiency. There's also data on AI adoption rates, attitudes towards AI, data strategies, employee retention, change management, and other interesting topics.

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