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October 23, 2020

Neustar Launches Second-Party Data Marketplace

Neustar Launches Second-Party Data Marketplace


Second party data is shared by the company that collected it, while third party data is shared by aggregators who get it from the companies that collected it. Neustar’s new “Second Party Data Marketplace” blurs the distinction by offering consumer profiles from Neustar, ad exposures from iSpot.tv, mobile shopping data from Scanbuy, and geo-location data from Foursquare. It’s all connected with Neustar’s own identity graph.

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Precisely Announces Data Integrity Suite


Precisely has launched a new data integrity suite, with APIs for data cleaning, profiling, matching, geocoding, and enrichment. It runs on-premises, in the cloud, or across both. Martech trivia note: Precisely changed its name from Syncsort in May and acquired the data management systems from Pitney Bowes last December.

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AppsFlyer Measures Incremental Ad Impact


Mobile attribution vendor AppsFlyer has introduced Incrementality, a solution that runs tests to determine the incremental impact of remarketing programs. Managing hold-out samples is tough, so that’s noteworthy in itself. But I was also intrigued by AppsFlyer’s statement that “attribution and incrementality are completely independent concepts” – the difference, apparently, being that attribution assigns full or fractional revenue “credit” to marketing touches while incrementality estimates the net revenue change resulting from a touch. Got that?

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