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October 28, 2020

Adobe, Microsoft, and C3.ai Offer AI-Driven CRM

Adobe, Microsoft, and C3.ai Offer AI-Driven CRM


Adobe has long relied on its Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration instead of offering its own CRM system. The two firms have just upped the ante by adding industry-specific data models and AI features from C3.ai, which offers all kinds of AI-based applications. It reads real-time, unified data from Adobe Experience Platform and the shared data model of the joint Microsoft-Adobe Open Data Initiative.

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Microsoft Releases Free Machine Learning App


Microsoft also has a little gift for you Citizen Data Scientists: a free app to train machine learning models. The first version does image recognition and other capabilities will follow. Users provide training data and the app does all the tricky stuff.

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Syte Raises $30 Million Series C for Visual Product Discovery


Non-Citizen Data Scientists might be more interested in Syte, which offers image recognition for product discovery and personalization. They just raised a $30 million Series C, bringing their total to $71.6 million.

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