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November 2, 2020

TicketIQ Launches FanIQ Marketing System and (Maybe) CDP

TicketIQ Launches FanIQ Marketing System and (Maybe) CDP


Two major trends in the CDP industry have been emergence of industry specialists and of CDPs built into operational platforms. Right on cue, ticketing platform TicketIQ has launched FanIQ, which creates unified customer profiles and markets against them. Whether it’s a CDP depends on whether other systems can also access its data. FanIQ also taps into TicketIQ’s 40 million user profiles, matching yet another trend: integration of third party prospect lists.

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Karlsgate Introduces Privacy-Preserving Data Exchange


Speaking of trends, what could be trendier than privacy-safe customer identities? Data collaboration company Karlsgate has introduced Karlsgate Data Exchange, which employs “encrypted, single-use pseudonymized tokens” (okay, those last two are redundant) to match data sets without sending personal identifiers to a trusted third party. The approach is trendily named “Cryptoidentity” but, mercifully, doesn’t seem to involve Bitcoin-style cryptocurrencies.

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simMachines Builds Anonymous Segments from Location Data

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Here’s what’s trendier than privacy-safe customer data: AI-driven, location-based privacy-safe customer data! simMachines has it covered with personifyAI, which takes a brand’s location-based customer data and uses explainable AI to assign customers to meaningful audience segments. AND they have lower-case company and product names. It's beyond trendy: it's trend-tastic!

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