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Privacy is on the ballot in some U.S. states.

Student privacy, and breaches are ongoing concerns. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Employing DataOps to minimize privacy risk in data pipelines

Privitar and StreamSets partner to accelerate data insights

Responding to business demand for continuous access to shared data, privacy platform Privitar will work collaboratively with StreamSets to ensure sensitive data can flow quickly and safely throughout organizations.

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App promising privacy protection is compromised

True: social networking app's data is exposed

A security lapse via an unprotected server has been reported by True, the social networking app which promises user control via privacy by design. 

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Today's U.S. election may bring new data privacy regs: Michigan's Prop 2 would require a search warrant for electronic data, California's Prop 24 would expand CCPA's scope, and Massachusetts' ballot's "Question 1" asks voters to decide who should have access to car telematics system data. 

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Protecting U.S. student privacy

The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) survey contrasts big leap in remote learning during pandemic with minimal privacy protection of K-12 student data. 

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What's My Vote Worth? $138  And yours?

Abine's DeleteMe, "What's My Vote Worth" Online Calculator demonstrates how advertisers value your data. Try it to see how you net out.

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Abine: Key Ad Spend Figures 

$7 Billion: 2020 Campaign's projected total ad spend

20%: Total election ad dollars spent on digital

$46: Amount average American voter is worth to advertisers


In Brief:

Instagram may face a massive fine from Irish Data Protection Commission: Millions of kids' info maybe exposed. Read More

Google data breach tied to employee immigration files: Sensitive data accessed could result in identity theft. Read More

Clearview AI denied relocation of class action from IL to NY: Will face Illinois' Biometric Information Privacy Act.  Read More

CDP Institute News:

CDPI Slack channel --Join us to talk about privacy and martech.

CDPI Privacy Glossary -- New: DataOps, Data Pipeline, telematics, Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)

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