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March 6, 2017

News from RedPoint Global, Minitab, and Pegasystems

RedPoint Global Unveils New Customer Engagement Hub

RedPoint Global

Customer Data Platform vendor RedPoint Global today announced a new Customer Engagement Hub.  You may have thought they already had one, but RedPoint says the new product marks an expansion beyond marketing to all customer touchpoints. More concretely, it adds real-time features including identity resolution, next-best-action recommendations, and interaction orchestration.

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Minitab Acquires Data Mining Veteran Salford Systems


Minitab, one of the early pioneers in statistical analytics software, has acquired another mature firm: predictive modeling software vendor Salford Systems. Salford’s specialty is tree-based methods including CART® Decision Trees, Random Forests®, TreeNet® Gradient Boosting, and MARS® nonlinear regression. Salford guides analysts through the model building process but gives them final control over most decisions.

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Pega CRM Adds AI-Based Analytics to Improve Service and Sales Effectiveness

Market Wired

Might as well stick with product news today. Pegasystems, which manages customer-related business processes, has announced new artificial intelligence features that will analyze “millions of actions taken every day on every desktop from any application” to uncover inefficiencies in sales and service operations. Examples include excessive toggling between different applications, time spent on unproductive activities, and productivity lost to slow system response. AI-based features don’t really qualify as news these days, but this item does illustrate how AI can be used for more than content recommendations.

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