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November 4, 2020

Marketers Struggle to Target Without Third-Party Cookies

Marketers Struggle to Target Without Third-Party Cookies: Zeta Global Survey

Zeta Global

We have no marketing news worth discussing today, so let’s look at some surveys. We’ll start with this Zeta Global report that found marketing budgets have shifted towards digital channels during the pandemic, and that the loss of third-party cookies makes it harder to target ads. Zeta’s conclusion is that cross-publisher customer IDs based on first-party data are essential, and that CDPs will play a critical role.

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Customers Expect Consistent Treatment Across Channels: Salesforce Report


Meanwhile, Salesforce reports that most customers (74%) use multiple channels to complete transactions and 76% expect consistent interactions across all channels. But fewer than half say they feel different company departments share information needed to serve them consistently. Obvious but still scary: 61% feel they’ve lost control over their personal information, up from 46% in 2019.

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Consumers Are Returning to Old Shopping Habits: Intouch Insight Study

Intouch Insight

Intouch Insight reports that consumers have shifted to online purchasing during that pandemic but now are starting to return to old patterns. Convenience and price are now their highest priorities, while cleanliness has fallen from first place in May 2020 to third place in October.

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