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November 6, 2020

Zeta Global Launches CDP+

Zeta Global Launches CDP+

Zeta Global

The News Gods are back at work and have delivered a sparkling new CDP from Zeta Global. In fact, it’s not a mere CDP but a CDP+. Plus factors include persistent ID management, proprietary intent data and behaviors, and AI-generated insights.

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ZoomInfo Buys EverString to Expand B2B Data


Intent data is also on the menu at ZoomInfo, which has acquired B2B data and solutions vendor EverString. They gain 100 million company records and 70 million professional profiles, including intent signals.

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Most Successful Marketers Prefer Best-of-Breed Stacks: Gartner Study


Meanwhile, Gartner has analyzed the tech stacks of 500+ brands and found the most successful marketers prefer best-of-breed product collections over suites and pay careful attention to analytics. They report the average martech stack has 55 products and that leaders are likely to combine CDP with mobile marketing and multi-channel marketing platforms.

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