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November 10, 2020

Adobe Buys Workfront to Help Marketers Manage Workflow

Adobe Buys Workfront to Help Marketers Manage Workflow


Adobe is buying work management platform Workfront for $1.5 billion. The deal will add workflow orchestration to Adobe’s quiver of marketing tools. Look for similar acquisitions by Adobe competitors.

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Terminus Buys GrowFlare for B2B Account Profiling


Account based marketing platform Terminus has purchased GrowFlare, which creates “psychographic” profiles of target accounts. It’s somewhat similar to EverString, which ZoomInfo purchased last week. Crunchbase say it’s the company’s fourth acquisition, although somehow it feels like they’ve done more.

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Kochava Buys Thalamus to Ease Contextual Ad Targeting


And yet another acquisition: mobile ad analytics platform Kochava has purchased Thalamus, which has built a database of ad publishers. It positions the deal as a way to target based on content now that privacy rules are making it harder to target specific individuals.

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