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Changes ahead

Lots of privacy change happening in the next few months with new U.S. laws, Apple privacy expansion, new cyber threats, and UK Brexit transition. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Compliance deadline set for Dec. 8 for apps

Apple to require privacy detail labeling from app developers 

Developers have been notified apps will have to list full information on personal data collected; how long it will be kept; and how it will be used. Consumers must also be notified of future changes. Big news!

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Hospitals and other providers targeted

Ransomware attacks hit U.S. healthcare 

The FBI was one of four U.S. government agencies that issued a joint alert in response to a wave of cyberattacks on healthcare systems in New York, Vermont and Oregon. Officials confirmed Ryuk ransomware, which has a record of attacking public sector entities, was responsible - and concern is that more attacks are imminent. 

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Watch for the UK GDPR!. The UK currently operates under EU GDPR, which superseded preexisting member state laws. Once the UK leaves the EU via Brexit, the UK's Data Protection Act (DPA) will come back into effect, along with a 2019 amendment that merges it with the requirements of the EU GDPR. This proposed UK GDPR should be very similar to EU GDPR, but EU regulators will need to vet its adequacy.

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Upturn finds widespread use of phone extraction tools by U.S. law enforcement

A new survey found that more than 2,000 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. have acquired mobile device forensic tools (MDFT). Use is on the rise, including for "warrantless consent searches" to seize phones and extract data.

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Why de-Indentifying journalistic sources matter

Journalists today have vast amounts of data sources to draw from. With that comes responsibility to handle personal information appropriately, and when necessary to anonymize or shield it - and to make sure it can't be re-identified. 

First is to determine which data is most important to protect then determine which methods to use. This can include de-identification, pseudonymization, data aggregation, data redaction, and adding statistical noise.

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U.S. new privacy legislations passed

The passage of CA's Prop 24 has been getting a lot of press since the U.S. election because it significantly expands CCPA. 

But three other important U.S. state laws were also passed in the last week.

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1. Massachusetts' Right to Repair Law: gives car owners and repair shops access to car data without going through the manufacturer.

2. Michigan's Proposal 20-2: specifies that a search warrant will be required to access personal electronic data and communications.

3. Portland, Maine's  Ballot Question B: prevents the city and officials from using facial recognition on groups or members of the public.

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