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November 12, 2020

Demandbase Integrates Engagio to Create Demandbase One

Demandbase Integrates Engagio to Create Demandbase One


Account Based Marketing vendor Demandbase has integrated its Engagio acquisition to create Demandbase One. Demandbase worked primarily with second and third party data for advertising and Web site personalization, while Engagio worked with first party data for email and orchestration. Scope expansion is all the rage among ABM vendors: you’ll recall that Terminus bought GrowFlare earlier this week and ZoomInfo bought EverString the week before.

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B2B Vendors Misunderstand Buyer Preferences: TrustRadius Report


Whether marketers really want broad suites is questionable: recent surveys from Merkle and Gartner suggest not. This TrustRadius study shows that marketers often misunderstand what buyers really want, overprioritizing chatbots, digital events, and case studies, and undervaluing reviews and free trials. Of course, what people say and what they do are not always the same, either. Are you confused yet?

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Marketing-IT Collaboration Is Key to Transformation Sucesss: Infosys Study


Of course, when it comes to misalignment, nothing beats the marketing-IT relationship. This Infosys study finds that marketers see the biggest collaboration challenges as improving customer experience and agility while IT managers focus more on skills, company culture, and budgets. There’s a lot more here but the bottom line is companies with better collaboration get better results.

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