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November 13, 2020

Dynamic Yield Offers No-Cookie Solution to Cookie Opt-Outs

Dynamic Yield Offers No-Cookie Solution to Cookie Opt-Outs

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Dynamic Yield has released “No Consent, No Cookies”, a solution that blocks user activity tracking without relying on cookies. This avoids the problem of using cookies to track whether consumers have consented to cookies being used. Don’t think about it too hard or your head may explode.

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Snap Buys Voca.ai to Build Voice Assistants for Customer Support


Your head may also explode if you try to understand why consumer photo app Snap would buy Voca.ai, which creates AI-based voice assistants for customer support. And yet, they have. Life is filled with mysteries, eh?

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Consumers Feel CX Has Improved During Pandemic: Mitel Research


And here’s one more puzzle: a majority of consumers in this Mitel survey reported that customer experience has actually improved during the pandemic. The figure was 60% globally and 71% in the U.S. Don’t tell the folks at Snap that chatbots and virtual agents are consumers’ least favorite support channels.

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