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March 7, 2017

Personalization at Scale Gets More, Um, Scaley

Jivox Extends Real-Time Personalization to Ad Content

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Today's newsletter could have covered sales enablement tools (boring but real) or automated creative (fun but speculative). No contest at all. Let’s start with Jivox, which assembles oodles of data on individual behaviors, context, and campaign performance; applies in-memory big-data machine-learning magic; and instantly pops out zillions of personalized messages. Hope I’m not too getting too technical here. What’s important is the messages are tailored to the moment as well as the person, so this is about managing a customer journey. Jivox has just extended its system to provide ad content recommendations, which demands especially quick response.

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Wibbitz Gains Patent for Automatically Transforming Text Into Video

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Further down the automated creative trail, Wibbitz uses natural language processing to interpret text embedded in email, video, metadata, social posts, personal profiles, etc., and then assembles snippets into a video that presents the same ideas as the original text. So the next time your life flashes before your eyes, you may be facing a Wibbitz-based advertisement instead of imminent death. A cheering prospect.

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Shazam Offers Augmented Reality Solution with Worldwide Audience


Let’s venture beyond digital into the real world itself. Shazam, which tells you the name of that song you’re listening to, now lets the billion-plus people who have downloaded its app connect with augmented reality experiences. Users just scan Shazam codes on packages, products, advertising, point of sale materials, fellow humans, etc. (They didn’t mention fellow humans but I don’t see why not.) The resulting augmented reality experiences could be animations, product visualizations, 360-degree videos, or who knows what. The story here is advertisers get access to a huge audience with the app already installed.  This isn’t automated content generation but surely that could be added.  Mind. Boggled.

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