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November 17, 2020

CDP Zeotap Adds $18.5 Million to Its Series C

CDP Zeotap Adds $18.5 Million to Its Series C


Data aggregator and CDP vendor Zeotap has added $18.5 million to its Series C funding, bringing the Series C to $60.5 million and total funding to $81 million. Zeotap is among the many vendors offering a universal identifier to help replace third-party cookies.

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Most Advertisers Expect Industry to Find a Universal Replacement for Third-Party Cookies

Advertiser Perceptions

Did someone mention replacing third-party cookies? Advertiser Perceptions found that companies are most likely to look for identity solutions based on first -party data (65%), compared with second-party data (51%) and third-party data (31%). A touchingly optimistic 58% expected that the industry would work together to create a universal identifier to replace third-party cookies.

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Just 31% of Advertisers Feel The Industry Uses Adtech Effectively

ID Comms

If you’re less confident than most that the ad industry will agree on a universal ID, bear in mind that just 14% of ad professionals told ID Comms that advertisers have a good understanding of how adtech platforms contribute value. Only 31% believe advertisers are using adtech effectively. Of course, they were describing the industry in general and not their personal level of understanding, which most would probably rate much higher.

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