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New Directions in Privacy

Looking ahead to 2021, India is expected to pass new privacy legislation; the U.S. President-Elect Biden is likely to make privacy a focal point; and more companies, including one headed by World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee are working to put more control in users hands.

--Susan Raab, Editor

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MIT-developed project shifts data power to users

Tim Berners-Lee's Inrupt releases enterprise privacy platform

World Wide Web founder Berners-Lee continues his mission to shift the balance of power and give users control of their data. Collaborating with major corporations and governments, Inrupt's Solid privacy platform will let users determine what data they'll share, and with whom. The company has raised $20 million since its launch in 2017.

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Data privacy likely a focus for the next U.S. administration 

What a Biden Presidency may mean for U.S. privacy

While the Senate run-off will have major impact on what legislation is possible, expectations are that Biden will make data privacy a focal point. This could mean passage of federal legislation, renegotiating with the EU on data transfers, and increased regulation and enforcement. 

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India's government has a privacy bill drafted that is expected to pass soon in Parliament and go into effect early 2021. The Personal Data Protection (PDP) legislation is based broadly on GDPR, but has prompted concern from Google, Facebook and Amazon about whether data will only be stored locally and, if so, whether it can be transferred abroad.

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New PII monitoring system alerts consumers when a business acquires their name 

Alerts.com has announced a new data transparency system that monitors millions of companies and notifies consumers when a company gets their name. The system also indicates how PII data was acquired and what is stored. Individuals can then use Alerts.com to opt-out or be deleted from the company databases. 

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Cisco: Remote compliance a priority as companies anticipate remote workforce long term

Cisco's survey of 3,000 IT execs from 21 regions globally indicates a significant number - 46% in America, and 34% in both Asia Pacific Japan, and Greater China (APJC) and Europe, expect remote work started during the pandemic to continue after. As a result security and worker compliance is a key concern, according to 85% of respondents and 59% say employeed training and awareness is their biggest challenge.

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Privacy Software  

Customer Experience Matrix review: Here's a look at how Trust-Hub's data mapping system helps companies manage regulatory, security, and governance risk associated with personal data.  

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