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November 18, 2020

Wunderkind Buys SmarterHQ for Enhanced Customer Data Management

Wunderkind Buys SmarterHQ for Enhanced Customer Data Management


Ecommerce messaging vendor Wunderkind (formerly BounceX) has purchased SmarterHQ, which assembles customer data and runs personalized marketing campaigns. SmarterHQ describes itself as “built on a sophisticated CDP infrastructure” but doesn’t easily share its profiles like a true CDP. Even so, the deal another example of delivery-oriented vendor acquiring a company that provides CDP-type capabilities.

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Klaviyo Raises $200 Million Series C for Unified Data and Marketing


Klaviyo also pulls together customer data from all sources and uses the result for insights and personalized communications. The describe themselves as a “customer data and marketing platform”, which seems to include being a CDP. They’ve just raised a $200 million Series C, bringing total funding to $358.5 million.

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Reltio Offers Six Months Free for CDP-ish MDM


Reltio is yet another company straddling the border of CDP-land. Their roots are in master data management (MDM) but their “connected data platform” can handle transaction and interaction data as well as the identifiers at the core of traditional MDM. They’ve just offered a six-month free subscription and $100,000 in services to qualified prospects who are interested in switching from an on-premises MDM tool to Reltio’s SaaS system.

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