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November 24, 2020

Spiceworks Ziff Davis Buys Aberdeen for B2B Intent Data

Spiceworks Ziff Davis Buys Aberdeen for B2B Intent Data

Spiceworks Ziff Davis

Expect a slow week in martech news, Dear Reader. At least the nice people at Spiceworks Ziff Davis have tossed us a small bone by purchasing Aberdeen, which generates intent data about B2B buyers through research, media, and demand generation programs. It’s the latest expansion by Ziff, which purchased Spiceworks itself last year and Revenu8, which published MarTech Advisor, in 2018.

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Customer-Centric Firms Grow 3x Faster: Usersnap Study


As you’ve surely noticed, we fall back on surveys when there’s no real news. Here’s one from Usersnap about customer experience management, by which they mostly mean customer support. Key points: 56% of B2C companies have a dedicated CX team compared with just 19% of B2B companies; and, “customer centric” organization grow three times faster than the rest.

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YouTube Will Show Ads On Some Videos Without Permission or Sharing Revenue


And when all else fails, we can fuss about social media. Let’s pluck a random item from the ether: Google-owned YouTube has unilaterally changed its terms of service to let it run ads on some videos without sharing revenue with the creator. Most affected will be creators with too little volume to qualify for YouTube’s Partner Program. This could include B2B marketers with niche audiences, whose viewers might now see ads for competing products. How does that sound?

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