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Data advances to embrace; abuses to avoid

While some companies are innovating to help protect consumer privacy; others violate trust with intrusive or cavalier attitudes toward individuals at work, at home, or on vacation. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Compete from home against slacking co-workers

Win Microsoft's new surveillance game

Home self-surveillance is easy for those who don't mind if their company adopts Microsoft's new "Productivity Score" feature. Employees who enjoy games and use Microsoft tools actively throughout the workday will get a high score when their boss tallies employee results at the end of the month to see who's been working and who has not.

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South Korea wins Fb suit for $6.1M; Vietnam threatens Fb shutdown

Facebook upsets Asia x2

South Korea's privacy watchdog reported that Facebook shared 3.3M users' PII with, possibly, as many as 10,000 companies.

Vietnam's government is considering shutting Facebook down if it doesn't comply with its request to increase censorship of anti-state political posts. 

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IT'S THE LAW (beyond GDPR!)

The EU just proposed The Data Governance Act to offer companies access to industrial and governmental data not typically made accessible. The plan includes access to health & scientific data designed to be protected via a data market model. Key benefits are to keep the EU competitive globally with data and to aid research and benefit the common good. 

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Q5id and SkyPoint Cloud partner to integrate identity management with privacy compliance

Q5id, a mobile app which removes the need for multi factor identification by creating a digital profile of its users, and SkyPoint Cloud, a customer data platform with built-in privacy controls, have partnered to address a clear need for privacy management that's easy and thorough. 

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In Brief:

Telluride, CO wants PII when you head to the slopes: AirBnb and others would trade data to keep hotelier license. Read More   

Home Depot pays $17M in 46 states for breach: 40M people had card data hacked; new safeguards added. Read More

Swiss-US Privacy Shield no longer valid: Swiss authority follows Schrems II and rules against sharing with US. Read More

French authority fines Carrefour €3M for EU rule breach: Consumer data collected, retained, not reported. Read More 

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