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December 2, 2020

Marketers Now Prefer Suites Over Best-of-Breed

Marketers Now Prefer Suites Over Best-of-Breed: Gartner Report


It feels odd to not write about Salesforce’s $28 billion Slack purchase but we already covered the rumor. So let’s instead look at this Gartner report on marketing technology in general. The headline is sharp swing from best-of-breed (preferred by 57% in last year’s study ) to integrated suites (preferred by 59% in this year’s report). It’s hard to believe that preferences change so quickly but maybe the pandemic really forced a flight to simplicity.  Other fun facts: 87% said they have a CDP in place or being deployed; 68% struggle with martech utilization; and 23% say lack of customer data impedes martech utilization.

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Customer Experience Isn’t Enough: Accenture Report

Accenture Interactive

Looking at an even bigger picture, this Accenture report says companies really need to move past Customer Experience to Business Experience – something that includes non-customer-facing activities such as innovation, employee experience, products and services, and delivery models. Most CX experts would probably include those in their definition but then Accenture wouldn’t have a fun new buzzword, would they?

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It’s Wednesday So Here’s Another Cookie Replacement

Business Wire

We have another contestant on Survivor: Cookie Replacement. This one comes from community-owned Prebid.org.  It's called SharedID and makes first-party ID PubCommon – developed by Epsilon, available for free, and used by thousands of publishers, we’re told – available as a third-party ID to use in programmatic ad bidding. Unless consumers opt out.

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