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December 4, 2020

S&P Global to Merge with IHS Markit in $44 Billion Deal

S&P Global to Merge with IHS Markit in $44 Billion Deal

S&P Global

Some say data is the new oil, or maybe the new oil paint.  Personally, I think of it as the new bacon. Whatever you call it, the folks at S&P Global think it’s worth lots: so much that they’re merging with data collector IHS Markit in an all-stock transaction valued at $44 billion. Mmmm…data.

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Clinch Offers Shoppable Video Ad Units

PR Newswire

Maybe the new oil is really shoppable video because…um…it reduces friction. Creative optimization company Clinch is helping it grow with real-time shoppable video ad units which don’t just build custom templates but use data (!) to pick the right offers for each viewer and situation.

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Verizon Media Offers Its Own Unified ID

Verizon Media

What’s that, you thought identity data was the new oil? That means cookie replacements are like wind power.  The latest blast of hot air comes from Verizon Media, in the form of a unified solution called ConnectID. It can serve ads based on 900 million consumer relationships across 30+ Verizon Media brands including Yahoo!, HuffPost, AOL, and TechCrunch. It’s a closed universe, but a big one.

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