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December 15, 2020

Vaccine Alone Won’t Cure Retail Woes

Vaccine Alone Won’t Cure Retail Woes: BlueVenn Survey


Shoppers won’t necessarily rush back to stores even after a COVID vaccine is available: just 41% of U.S. respondents to this BlueVenn survey said they’d be more likely to shop after receiving a vaccination. Quite a bit more here about shopper attitudes and how businesses are adapting to the pandemic. Also, 64% of U.S. companies and 71% of U.K. companies said they had a Customer Data Platform; the figure rises to 95% for those over £100 million revenue.

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Digital Leaders Prioritize Single Customer View: SAP Study


This SAP study doesn’t report on CDP penetration but it does find that 68% of digital transformation leaders are prioritizing creation of a single customer view compared with just 47% of laggards.  The study argues that companies should invest in “next-generation CDPs”, a.k.a. “customer intelligence platforms”, which extend basic CDP features to include non-customer data, users outside of marketing, and analytical tools to uncover insights.  Guess what SAP sells?

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Truera Raises $12 Million for AI Explanations

Globe Newswire

We reported yesterday on funding for Arthur, a tool to monitor AI model quality. Lest you think that was unique, here’s a $12.2 million second-seed funding for Truera, which helps to explain AI model contents. They had already raised $5.1 million. Maybe it’s overfitting the data, but we call it a trend.

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