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December 16, 2020

Hot Market for Intent Data Collectors

Hot Market for Intent Data Collectors


A recent Customer Experience Matrix post on industry trends highlighted the strong market for intent data, privacy rules notwithstanding. Right on cue, data analytics vendor Verisk has purchased consumer behavioral data compiler Jornaya. Still not convinced?  B2B media company ChannelPro Network has purchased FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World, which will provide insight into buyers in those markets. Now do you believe me?.

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Apple and Google Block X-Mode from Collecting Location Data via Mobile Apps

Business Insider

Privacy concerns are having a more meaningful impact on location data. Apple and Google have both blocked data broker X-Mode from collecting location data via phone apps. It’s not clear that X-Mode was less compliant with notification rules than other brokers, but they did recently get called out for selling data to national security agencies.

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Ad Buyers May Be Shifting Revenue from Facebook


Privacy concerns may also be hitting Facebook where it hurts. This DigiDay report says that media buyers are being told to shift budgets elsewhere. Privacy is one possible reason; high ad costs, poor ad tools, and more competitive options are others. Color me skeptical, although this Dentsu report says Facebook growth shows some weakness.

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