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December 17, 2020

Facebook Attacks Apple Privacy Change Because It Hurts Small Business

Facebook Attacks Apple Privacy Change Because It Hurts Small Business

Tech Crunch

Yes, they really think you’re that stupid.

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BigID Raises $70 Million Series D at $1 Billion Valuation


In more substantive privacy news: data discovery platform BigID announced a $70 million Series D, to reach $216 million raised and a $1 billion valuation. There’s still more privacy news today but the editor of our Privacy Newsletter threatened to share embarrassing photos if I publish it before she does.

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LeadSquared Raises $32 Million and Zenoti Adds $160 Million


On safer turf, CRM platform LeadSquared raised a $32 million Series B. They offer a combined sales, service, and marketing platform for companies that sell products like education, healthcare, and financial services. We also have a $160 million raise for spa and salon software platform Zenoti, putting its total at $251 million and $1 billion valuation.

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