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March 9, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Streamlines Customer Data Management

Galactic Exchange Announces DataEnchilada™


I’ll admit that headline grabbed my attention. Whether DataEnchilada is truly the “first big data ingestion tool powered by artificial intelligence” is questionable but the product is interesting regardless. Galactic Exchange automates loading of data from common sources into Spark/Hadoop clusters. Their latest extension automatically finds topics within data streams, identifies common patterns in each stream, and issues alerts if there’s a deviation from the pattern. All with little or no technical skill required from the user. This is exactly the sort of technology that lets Customer Data Platforms deliver fast, low cost, low skill data unification. Galactic Exchange lists it under the vision of Zero Experience Needed Architecture, or ZEN. Indeed.

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AllSight 4.7 Speeds Customer Data Synthesis


Since we’re now on the topic of automated data management, here’s a pre-announcement from AllSight's of their latest “customer intelligence management” release.  This links data fragments and existing customer records to build a complete customer profile. Other modules provide prebuilt analytical functions to infer important customer attributes, and dashboards to help examine the data. AllSight also works on Spark and Hadoop. It's another example of productivity-enhancing tools that enable CDPs or custom-built equivalents. The new version is due before July.

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ClearStory Data Advances Its Automated Data Discovery

ClearStory Data

ClearStory Data announced new capabilities for "automated smart data discovery”, which makes it easier to find patterns in business data. ClearStory's focus is data analysis, but it also automates data preparation and unification. So we’re back on CDP turf. Spark is once again listed as a key technology.

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