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January 5, 2020

Amazon Buys Podcast Publisher Wondery

Amazon Buys Podcast Publisher Wondery


Stop sulking that no one bought you a Baby Yoda over the holiday. The truly hot gift was a podcast company. Amazon bought itself one last week, spending an estimated $300 million for podcast publisher Wondery. It will help Amazon bulk up its audio streaming business, bringing shivers of non-delight to existing competitors.

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Twitter Buys and Shutters Social Podcasting App Breaker


Twitter also has a new podcast-related bauble. They just bought Breaker, which lets podcast listeners comment on episodes, share favorites, and do other things which make the usual Twitter experience such a civilized delight. The Breaker app will soon be discontinued as Breaker staff takes charge of Twitter’s audio-based social networking product, which inexplicably is not named Screech.

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TechTarget Buys Analyst Firm Enterprise Strategy Group


Podcasting companies haven’t cornered all the acquisition fun. TechTarget is buying Enterprise Strategy Group, which provides technology companies with research and other content, including the occasional podcast. You may recall that TechTarget bought BrightTalk last month for $150 million.

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