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March 10, 2017

Networked Services Will Change Your Life

Looker Loads Ad Data onto Google BigQuery


You probably don't care that the Looker data analysis platform just announced connectors to load data from AdWords, YouTube, and DoubleClick into the Google BigQuery data store. Neither do I.  But it's an excuse to note that Looker and similar products are NOT substitutes for CDPs because they don’t unify customer identities when inputs lack a shared customer identifier. It’s an easy distinction to miss, and missing it probably leads quite a few people down quite a few dead ends.  Consider yourself warned.

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ID.me Raises $19 Million to Expand Digital Identity Business


What do the State of Maine, Under Armour, and Major League Baseball have in common? They all use identity verification services from ID.me, which just raised a $19 million Series B. ID.me's service is the opposite of CDP identity resolution, since ID.me is used when people are actively trying to prove their identity – perhaps to qualify for government benefits or log into a secure computer system. But there’s more overlap between the two worlds than you might think, since both types of identification rely on reference data sets, device data, and algorithms to process evidence about whether an identity assertion is valid. Also relevant to marketers, ID.me offers a digital wallet that lets users easily identify themselves to online. .

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Here’s How Network-Based Services Will Change Your Life: Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

Now I remember why this has been sitting in my queue for two weeks: Juniper Networks announced a fascinating survey on business and consumer attitudes towards “digital cohesion” but didn't release the data.  Frustrating.  But they did publish a great paper, available here, that describes what happens when “predictive, automated, network-based mega-services adapt to user behavior, enabling better decision-making and enriching personal and business lives.” In plainer English, connected services will automate day-to-day tasks and give vast power to the companies that control the automations. By “great paper”, I mean it agrees with my own predictions.  Good weekend reading.

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