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No calm start to the New Year

Privacy is intertwined with the news on many fronts this week. Clearview AI facial recognition used to track U.S. insurgents, Apple upends Facebook claims on WhatsApp privacy, and Singapore admits contact tracing app data was used by police - and will be going forward.

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Controversial facial recognition app used in effort to locate rioters

Clearview AI sees 26% spike following U.S. Capitol attack

Clearview AI, which raised privacy concerns for amassing billions of facial images scraped without consent from social media, is used by some in law enforcement to help identify Capitol rioters quickly. 

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Substantial opt-outs on social likely from Apple giving users more data control

Facebook and Snapchat stand to lose most from new Apple IDFA changes according to new report

MKM Partners research report indicates Facebook may have had good reason for its opposition to Apple's new Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) rules, and could face a 3%-5% loss. 

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New York is the first state to temporarily ban facial recognition use in schools, potentially setting precedent for other states. The law will allow the NY Office of IT and Education Department to study privacy and security implications of use. 

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Singapore initiates law to allow contact tracing data use for serious crime investigation

The city-state, which originally assured citizens its COVID TraceTogether program was only for virus tracking, has admitted data was also accessible for police use. Now, rather than reverse course, officials are passing "urgent" legislation to allow this and other types of sensitive data to be used for serious crime investigation.

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iOS Privacy Labels reveal iMessage far better than WhatsApp on privacy

WhatsApp's founder famously said: "Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA."

Not so much it seems when you look at the metadata being collected and shared by WhatsApp owner, Facebook. 

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Now some experts are calling out reasons to drop Facebook in 2021. 

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In Brief:

Facebook offers security tokens, more, in scramble to protect privacy/offset criticism: New 2021 initiative. Read More   

Hyperproof third round adds $4M funding: Software safeguards sensitive data, maintains compliance; key in COVID tracking. Read More

Data Privacy Day - Jan. 28 - Call to Action: "Protect data, adopt framework, assess practices, maintain oversight." Read More

No more uncharted territory for drones: Big change to law effective 2023: FAA wants to know your & your drone's location. Read More 

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